Note to self: crying doesn’t make you weak

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late night nude

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American Psycho (2000)

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all my babies arrived from Toronto 

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Artist on tumblr - Ricardo Bouyett is a 21-year-old photographer from Chicago, Illinois.

I derive inspiration from life, and I don’t mean that in an avant-garde romantic way at all. I mean that I play witness to many different forms of art and expression that I feel compelled to pay tribute to these varying beauties by creating portraits that communicate identity, love, loss, and life. I tend to rely a lot on music, dance, and poetry 

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i wanna respect everybodys opinion but some peoples opinions are just so terrible

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The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973)

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Tumblr family and friends This is Syrah. She has been missing since the 22nd of this month. Syrah is 16 years old, 5’3”, 180lbs and of African American decent. She has dark brown eyes and natural hair, which is usually worn in two strand twist or a twist out. The last time she was seen was with a large black man. She does NOT have a cell phone. The police have been contacted but were no help what so ever. Please, I urge you to share and reblog to bring awareness to her absence. If you are in the L.A./ Long Beach area in California please be keep watch. If you see her, approach her with caution. They have been spotted once since she went missing and was being aggressive and pushy with her when he noticed that someone recognized who she was. If you see her please contact Paula Shin on face book. (Click the picture to be linked to her facebook or click the link below) Thank you for your time. 

Paula Shin: https://www.facebook.com/paula.shin.10?fref=ts

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"Don’t take a nude pic if you’re a famous woman and don’t want it leaked."


"Don’t wear a hoodie if you don’t want to be mistaken for a criminal and shot."

"Don’t get drunk at a party if you don’t want to be sexually assaulted."

"Don’t argue with a cop if you don’t want to get killed."

"Don’t walk home by yourself if you don’t want to get raped."

Victim blaming 101: Everyone should live in fear from ever doing anything.

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